Sunday, November 19, 2006

For all the work family is-
when the day is done, its all worth it-
I love them all-
the family I came from-
the family Jay and I are creating-
the friends I am lucky to consider family-
I love them all-

Today was Tucker's blessing day. I was so grateful to have so many of my family there. Before, when we lived away, and Jay and I did not have family around- I missed everyone. But today- we were able to have my family, and Jay's family there.
The kids love being around their grandparents at church- and all of the rest of the family. Something so satisfying of attending church together- I feel it too. Its unifying, even if we all don't agree on beliefs. I can remember growing up- that was so fun to me- all attending church with our cousins when we would get together for holidays, or events.....
So much work- our family's- but worth it.

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