Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I read something today. Actually a few somethings. I love when I read something and it stops me and I re read it to remember what I feel when I read the words. It was on other blogs that I have made it a funny habit to check out.
From Rebecca Sowers blog- stop saying you don't have time. Time is made.
From Liz Eaton - if not now, when?
We all have the same amount of time in a day- just not the same lists and priorities.

I was talking to Jay this morning about my friend Kim, and how absolutely creative she is. And I was thinking about how I compare myself to all of my friends good, and maybe, some of their best qualities. And how I kind of have made up an unreal person- one who has the best of everyone I know. Kind of like a "best of" person. Anyway, I compare myself to this unreal person way too often. She is not real- but she reminds me of so many people I want to be like!
I need to not compare, but be inspired.
I can be inspired-
Wow- its already 2:40-
where has the day gone already? Time to go get kiddos-
hows that for a first hodge-podge of a post?

ps- I used to really not like the word "hodge-podge"
In fact I used to really feel offended when I heard it- thought it made fun of my last name, sounded negative- but now- doesn't bother me too much- seeing as I go by a different last name...does it bother any of the other "hodge-kin"???????

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mik said...

this is Great!!! I totally have a "wanna-a-be friends talents list" and it gets longer all the time... One thing I thought of was how greatful I am that I do have such talented, sweet, kind friends, and that they help me be a better mother, wife and friend. Thank you for being my friend (((sounds so sappy)))