Friday, December 1, 2006

hmmmm-me thinks i do not care for snow
when its sitting inside all wet I say WHOA.
Kind of feel the same way towards sand-
please keep it out of my house, but out on the land.

My kids get excited when the snow is out-
but really, it just makes me want to pout.
I know soon geared up the kids will get-
and then I will have cranky kids all wet, wet, wet, wet.

Can everyone please just get along-
stop teasing, and bickering is my mantra song
School is out for a snow day, could be fun but it's not
instead there is whining, and wiping up snot.

This rhyme comes to an end, your so sad I know-
I'll be watching for Jay (my relief) from the window!
Hope your having fun in the cold and snow too-
Just know your not alone if you've got the "snow blues!"

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