Sunday, June 24, 2007


originally written on May 1, 2007...but "she" needed a little bit to let the feelings simmer

She calmly got her things together and put them into the seat next to her, and glanced at the clock.
10:30-She is late, but that is ok- No need to rush. She is making great efforts in her life to let things go when she can. And its just not worth it to worry about being late. As she munches her caramel popcorn cake, she glances again- to make sure everything is together. The magazines to look at-the teacher appreciation gift-the diaper bag- the cell phone-the keys. She makes one last check- did she remember to get an extra diaper? Its all there. Ready to go. In the seat next to her.
She hops out of the car and helps the 4 year old unbuckle, and continues to chat with him about getting his homework in his bag, and how fun it will be to give the gift to his teacher. She glances at the baby, thankfully sleeping, and spies an extra blanket that she can throw over the carrier to keep the sun off of him. Wondering how long he will stay asleep, and if he will wake when she opens the car door on the other side, and thinking, should she get all the bags first, and then pull him out, or pull him out then get the bags she shuts her door, she puts the Nemo homework bag over her arm, takes the hand of her 4 year old and shuts the sliding door.
The sound that stops all thoughts- and causes her to look around trying to find someone so she can verbalize what just happened. She sees a woman going to her car, and says to her in an almost too calm tone-
"I just locked my baby in the car"
The tone of her voice is almost a question as if to ask if she really just did that.
The woman looks at her and says something about its a good thing that there are cell phones.
She repeats herself-
"I just locked my baby in the car"
But this time says it with an exclamation joined in disbelief that starts a series of thoughts,
and also starts a race across the parking lot. Nemo homework bag over her arm, and 4 year old yelling, "Mom you forgot Tucker. STOP- you forgot Tucker!!!"

Racing to the side door of the elementary school- thinking clearly that it will be easier to hand off the 4 year old, and then run to the office, she bangs on the door. Not a knock-but a fist slamming -let me in-pounding on the door. Nobody comes so she starts to run through the grass towards the front of the school. She hears a lady behind her- and she turns back- runs to the door and starts explaining breathlessly. The woman, a pre-k teacher says "oh, i just thought you were running late" & directs her to take the 4 year old to his speech teacher. Then offers to go stand out next to the van.
She runs past a pregnant teacher who briefly glances at her and then she turns the corner. She rounds one more corner and sprints to the door- the secretary looks up as she is opening the door and says once again, but this time with a little less breathe, but with the same amount of dis-belief,
"I just locked my baby in the car"
The secretary starts dialing and simultaneously asks what car, and directs her to go back to the car.
Re-tracing the same route she just ran, she makes her way back down the halls. Toes gripping her sandals, she thinks that it really is hard to run in these shoes, and thinking that it might be easier to run if she were in better shape she takes the last corner before heading down the hallway to the doors.
Outside she sees the pre-k teacher standing next to the van. The woman comments that the baby is still asleep.
Feeling a little strange, to just stand and wait, after all the running, she walks around the car. She peeks into the car, baby is still sleeping. The pre-k teacher starts to chit chat, about how fortunate it is that it is a not too hot, overcast day, and how nice that there are tinted windows on the car.

to be continued...

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