Saturday, September 22, 2007

Isn't our life loud enough? or "Why a trip to the pet store is not a good idea"

We got a fish tank a few weeks ago from a family in our ward that is moving. We were all so excited-
Jay, because he has been wanting fish for a long time,
the kids, because they finally had pets ,and
me, well, I thought this was a wonderful way to have a pet without really having to take care of anything else right now.
So- we have gone to the pet store a few times to get more fish. Today we wanted to get a "scum-sucker" as Luke likes to call them. We found one and a few other fish and were trying to make our way to the registers so we could pay and leave. Of course, that involves having to stop and look at any other pets that they have for you to "adopt"-
We pass a bunch of birds and Jay says (and I quote)
"Hey honey, maybe we should get some birds- that would really make our house seem alive"
to which I replied (and I quote)
"Isn't our house loud enough? Don't you think our home is "alive" enough? Do I need to remind you of how often you mention that we need to get a decibel meter? "
Thankfully we left without any birds- I am still shaking my head.....

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