Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what to eat wednesday

This yummy comes from my neighbor Lisa. She was telling me about these crackers and how she made lunch with them and I thought.."hmm how good can a cracker be and I think I need more than a cracker to fill me up." Well I was so wrong. This was delicious! My kids love them, Savanna's friends crave them. She even takes them to school for lunch. Its kind of fancy!
This was the first time I got my kids to eat cucumbers too. I think they really like the lemon pepper on them. The kids like to eat them on the pretty plates. Kind of like a tea party!

I found these at Target. They have the brand at Walmart but a different kind. Like fiber. OK, but not as good as multi grain. Lisa said that Oprah had these on her show, as something good for you. Hooray for good!

Wasa Crackers
cream cheese
lemon pepper
shredded jack cheese
spinach leaves
little more lemon pepper
red onion

1 comment:

Jenn said...

yum! I'm always looking for healthy food ideas. Though I seriously doubt I'll have the luck you've had in getting my boys to eat them!