Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here are a "few " photos to document this Halloween season. We had several opportunities to dress up, and by the last one everyone was a little bit done!

I laughed and laughed at the group photos. We tried and tried to get one of everyone together. TOO funny. And the one where Luke is grabbing Tucker, my how the tables have turned.

Luke was going to be Batman, but when we were in Texas for the weekend, he took a liking to this spiderman costume that our friends had.
Jack was Anakin from Star Wars.

The pictures of Tucker as a turkey don't really show up as well as the video. We always say "Tucker is a turkey, or Tucker, you turkey" so dressing up as a turkey just seemed the way to go.

Savanna was a princess (as seen last week with her viola.)

Hope everyone had a fun filled Halloween, full with your favorite treats from your kids buckets.
We will return next week to our regular scheduled Wednesday what to eat program.

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