Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hoe-down day- a farmers wife I be

Today was "hoe-down day" for Luke in pre-k.
He was supposed to dress up as a farmer. Yesterday as we were driving around, I asked him about dressing up, and if Tucker and I should wear our overalls also. He immediately said no. That I needed to wear a farmers skirt, because I needed to be the farmers wife.
Well I tried again later as we picked up the kids from school. He again said no, that I needed to wear a farmers skirt, because I needed to be the farmers wife. Savanna tried telling him that all the farmers skirts were in the dirty laundry.

He did not buy it.

So I called my mom. She had been out thrifting, checking out costume supplies. I told her what I needed. She said she did not think she could find anything, but she would see what she could do. I got a call a little while later. She sounded excited. She found a skirt. It was perfect. A little small but perfect. I tore it straight up the back and hemmed up the sides. It already had a big tie, just like an apron. And immediatley I became the farmers wife.

It did not matter that none of the other momma's were dressed for Hoe down day.
It did not matter that I looked as big as the barn that the farmer's wife would be tending to.
It did matter that Luke said-"oh momma you look beautiful" & "I am so glad you got to come to school with me today, it was so fun."
Yes, Luke, it was fun.


Meghan said...

You do look beautiful girlfriend!!!

Hilary said...

ohhh... what a fun momma you are!