Monday, October 1, 2007

What to eat-Ultimate Carmel Apples I did not post a "what to eat" last week. So I will do 2 this week.

Ultimate Carmel Apples

I first had these last year when my Mother-in-law, Carolyn came out, after Tucker's birth.
So so yum!
We made them today, for Kim's birthday, and then again tonight, for the kids to take to their teachers tomorrow.

disposable bowls
Carmels (with sticks) 1 bag makes about 6
any yummy toppings
mini m&m's
choc chips
toffee bits
chopped pecans
vanilla icing
chocolate icing

Wash apples, insert sticks.
Separate yummy ingredients. Have each individual take a disposable bowl and fill with their own yummy toppings. Heat Carmel. Dip apple in Carmel. Quickly set in bowl of yummy toppings. Swirl apple around the bowl with stick. Drizzle with vanilla and/or chocolate icing. Let set. Then cut into wedges.

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April said...

You are evil to post this...very evil!