Monday, October 29, 2007

why I have not been blogging

I missed last weeks what to eat..
I have not posted any of the funny things that have been going on in my brain, or in my life..
I have not been sitting at my computer as much this last week.
I went on a little weekend getaway with the family, but thats not the only reason.

Our "baby" is not nursing as much.

Its really funny to me. With Savanna and Jack, I would read books. I would read and read while I nursed them. I would let them just snuggle after nursing and I would read. Then there was the year of pumping for Luke, and anyone that knew me during that period knows I did not do much of anything except try and keep up with making the milk, the pumping, and washing parts and feeding him.
Then came Tucker, and a comfy chair at the computer. And instead of reading books, I would read blogs, and he would nurse and then snuggle asleep and cozy while I "read" and "surfed."
And wrote on my blog.
But he cut waaaayyyyy back this last week. And now I need to "schedule"myself time for the computer. I feel kind of like if I am not "multi-tasking" then I can't just sit here and read or write. But I still have this "need" to document things. And this "need" to see what others are doing.
Its all about that balance.

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