Monday, November 5, 2007

Blog anniversary, and almost 100th post!

Ok- Next thursday I will have had this blog for 1 year. I did not write much for the first 6 months, and slowly increased over the last 6.
As I wrote before, there are things that would not make it into a normal journal, but make it to this blog.
And, there are people that I don't know, who I would not just walk up to on the street and say "Hey, do you want to know what I am thinking?", but get to know what I am thinking because of this blog.

Sooo ... I wanted to do something to "celebrate" the occasion.

Tell me what you want me to write about.
Leave me a comment, or email me
What do you want to read about ... what do you want to know about me ... do you want to know how I feel about something?
And in return I will answer -
And I have a little give-away- planned. A little "birthday blog present" in reverse!


Julie said...

My top 3 questions to you would be:
1. What is your typical daily schedule? I am a gleaner of ideas and love to see how others do it "all."

2. What are some of your parenting guidelines? How do you handle bickering, teasing, temper tantrums & encourage service, harmony, and testimonies?

3. How did you and J. meet? What was your courtship like?

Feel free to disregard if too noisy. Those may not be "anniversary" material. :)


Julie said...

I thought of another one, perhaps more festive. What are your favorite decorating ideas, tips, projects, websites, etc? How do you decorate and celebrate each season/event without your house feeling cluttery? Any decorating on a dime tips?

Meghan said...

I would love to see more pictures of what you have done with your yard and home.