Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Blog Anniversary

Happy Anniversary-
Thanks to all that read this blog-
(and thank you for the kind words on my new photo, Savanna took it- the one I had up before, was from when I was pregnant!)

I am still writing the last two Question and Answers to Julie and Meghan- It was fun to see what you wanted me to write about! Any other questions...let me know!

SO on the to the festivities!

Today I want to give away Surprises!

Things I love!

Please come and join in the fun -everyone is a winner- just email me ( or leave a comment:

Tell me a favorite post- a recipe you tried and liked-
a story that you thought was funny- etc ...

AND whoever tells me where I got the name for my blog will get an extra surprise with their "happy mail!" I love to give away things!
I will keep this open through Friday! (for those that already checked in for the day!)


Jenn said...

Well, yes, Happy Blog Anniversary. Just this week I tried your taste-like-pizza soup - it was good - but trying to be healthy, I uses turkey ronnis - i think i should have stuck with the fat grams of the reals ones!

And your blog name - came from a song from an old Disney movie??? You first heard it on a road trip but didn't like the movie, as I recall.

I love surprises - thanks!

April said...

I just love surprises! I am so happy to have found your blog.
Um, my favorite post was the one about the caramel apples. YUM! I haven't tried them, yet, but I plan on it - after Jan. 11th!

I asked Donna about your blog name. She was no help at all! :)

Julie said...

I love the tone of your blog. The recipes, the blessing posts, & of course, answering my questions, are my favorites.

Your blog name came from a song in the old Disney movie "The Castaways". I haven't seen it, but loved the song.

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!! You got the name from a disney song. I remember the post. I can't decide what my fav is...I like them all!!!