Sunday, November 4, 2007

Its the weekend!

Ahhhh- so thankful to have had this weekend. Jay has been home. We have worked on projects outside, we got to go out on 2 (yes 2!) dates, the house got clean, laundry got washed. I took all 4 kids to Walmart and Sams. Kids had their cousins over to play. I visited my Nana, went with our kids to a baptism. Kids got to play outside and get dirty and work hard.
There were a few moments of frustration and plenty of funnies in between. (walmart and sams for both of those!) It was good to just be home and do our stuff! Ahhhhh the weekend.

When we were at Walmart, Tucker had the sugar rush of his life!
Jack really wanted a big cart with the extra seats in the front so he could sit and read. Well that leaves no real good place for Tucker, since the baby seat does not have leg holes on those big carts. I went ahead and put the cart cover on and strapped Tuck in sideways. It gave him a perfect opportunity to grab things out of the cart once I had it stacked nice and high. He seemed really quite, and since he was feet ahead of me, instead of just right in my line of sight I did not notice what he had grabbed. I walked around the cart and in his sweet little hands was a package of Almond bark. He had bitten through the wrapper and was gnawing away at the sweet goodness inside! Oh the wailing when I pried it from his messy self!
I grabbed my bag, pulled out the camera. The kids were cracking up!


April said...

That is hilarious! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You got a ton done. Those pumpkin muffins look way too good, so I will wait and make them in February! :)
I did just find a recipe for a light pumpkin cheesecake bar. Yea! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Jenn said...

That rocks!