Monday, November 12, 2007

November Blessing 4


Todays blessing is not what I planed to write.
My kids school went on lockdown for a good part of the day.
Today I am thankful that everyone was safe at my kids school.
I am thankful that the man across the street was not injured when shot at.
I am thankful that I had already picked up Luke.
I am thankful that the school has practiced lockdowns, in the past,
and that everyone knew what to do.
I am thankful that I could pick up my kids.
I am thankful that they both prayed today when they were scared.


Jenn said...

Well, bless your all's hearts - that had to be very scary. But what a beautiful thing to know your kids knew Where To Turn when fear crept in. And praises for everyone's safety.

April said...

AAAAAAAH! My heart started to race just reading this! I am SO glad to know that everyone is safe. What a horrible experience to go through.