Sunday, November 4, 2007


On our drive home from Texas I sat in the very back with the kids. We were bringing home a treadmill, and had it wedged into the van along with 7 people and all of their belongings.
My mom went with us to attend a painting convention. I did not want her to have to "suffer"
all squished up because of my doing- so I took the back seat.

What an experience. Not just in the physical sense, but mentally. It was so interesting to see our family from the back seat. What a different perspective.

Watching the way Luke interacted with Tucker. Seeing how cute he was with him. Seeing how cute Tucker is. Witnessing why Tucker gets frustrated for seemingly no reason.
Feeling the way the back of the van travels. Hearing the teasing going on between brother and sister.
Feeling the lack of air flow in the back of the van. Experiencing what the kids do everyday. No wonder its so hard to communicate from the front to the back. You can't hear anything all the way back there.

So it got me thinking. Sometimes its good to change our perspective. Experience things from somebody else's point of view. See things through their eyes. And often we just need to change things a little to shift our thinking, or gain a different perspective. I was still in the van, just in a different seat. Not my "normal" seat.

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