Tuesday, December 11, 2007

day 1 monday no power

we lost power this morning around 8-
we are at my mom's-
amazingly she and my sister have power-
the rest of our family and friends along with many others in OK do not-
they say this is the worst ice storm in OK history-
over 500 thousand without power-
the main roads are alright to drive on-
the neighborhoods are real icy-
sams, target, hobby lobby, the mall, little Caesars pizza were all without power-
I feel a little guilty for being in a warm home, where we can cook, recharge our cell phones, have internet, take a hot shower, bath the kiddos-
I am worried for those that don't have comfort tonight, like I said in a last post, its all fun when there is power...not as fun when you dont have your comforts.
pray for those that are completely without heat and electricity- that things will be restored quickly, and the workers will be safe doing so. That the weather will continue to improve..
Did I just complain about a mosquito last week?

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