Sunday, December 16, 2007


we got power-
we found out around 5ish-
its 8-
dishwasher is running...(mold-how could there be mold when things were so cold?)
kids are asleep in 4 separate beds!
christmas music is playing-
all lights are on-
joy joy joy-
so much I would like to write about-
so many insights-
but I must be task oriented and get things accomplished-
there will be a time for posting later!
thanks for all the well wishes, prayers, and good thoughts.... will for sure post more later-

...and to all a good night!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wow, isn't it frightful when there are no luxuries although I don't consider heat and the dishwasher luxuries. How did the pioneers do it?

I'm glad you have power. There was a class at a health food store here where the woman made clothing, foam lined, some special kind of foam, that you could wear in a no-heat winter and be warm. I of course, missed the class! I must track the info. down.

April said...

Yea! I am so happy for you!

Kim said...

I am so glad your home....

Jenn said...

yee-haw! my bro got power today in Tulsa -all is well!