Monday, December 24, 2007

playing dress up

This post has nothing to do with Christmas, or of anything important, but a funny story from the weekend.
After Jack's baptism, we all came back to the house for hot fudge sundaes. Somebody started talking about a size 10 shoe. My ears listened in for who was talking about such a large size. (I can say that, since I am that size and sometimes larger, depending on the shoe)
Anyway,- I asked who has a size 10?
One of my mother in law's friends said-"I do, you should come try these awesome shoes on"

Ok, a little background. I never wear heels. AND, hardly ever have. And when I have they have been for moments. Even my wedding shoes were very low heels, and I broke one of the heels off during the reception. I have heard people talk about shoes, and even talk about them lovingly, and longingly. Not something that I understand.

So I walk into the other room to see a very high heel shoe. And not just any high heel shoe. A prada high heel shoe.
I slipped my foot into it.
Have you ever put something on, and you are kind of transformed? Think playing dress up, when you were much younger and how when you put on that certain dress, that was a few sizes too big , or hat, you were immediately somebody else?

Well that was how this was, but they actually fit! And fit good. And they were not uncomfortable.
Heels, that fit? ME, Heels?
So I waltzed around the living room for a few minutes, in these very high heels, that made me taller than I have ever been, and felt for a moment, not at all like a mom of 4 kids.

Then took them off, and came back down a few inches back to earth.

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