Tuesday, January 29, 2008


On sunday evening the prophet passed away.
I got a call around 9:45 pm from a friend that just wanted to let me know.
My very first thoughts were of his wife, and how he is now back together with her again.
Then I thought of earlier in the day, it was our ward conference. We sustained the leaders of our church.
We were able to sustain the prophet 1 last time.
That is a memory that I will keep.
I love President Hinckley.
I have loved reading all about his life from the articles that are being written about him.
I have loved seeing countless photos of him on blogs that I read.
I love reading the stories from personal experiences that people have had with him.
I never met President Hinckley.
But he touched my life.
He has been the prophet my whole married life.
He has been the prophet while I have had my 4 children.
I have listened to him speak more times than I can count.
He urged me to be a little better, to do a little more. Gently he urged, with a smile and a wave of his cane.
He encouraged me to stand a little taller...and wrote a book about it!
He gave me the "6 be's"...and then added 3 more for good measure.
I have this hanging in my home. I think of it often. Its not something that I have as decor that I forget about..but I think about them as I pass it.I have read the book "Way to be" with my kids a couple of times....I think its a great time read it again.
I love President Hinckley.
And while I felt a tug of sadness at my heart when I heard of his passing, I feel a greater tug at my heart of joy and love for him and how he has encouraged me to "Be"-

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Meghan said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too have enjoyed hearing peoples memories and testimonies of the prophet.