Sunday, January 6, 2008


Meghan sent me to this wonderful food blog. All of her pictures look so good.
I think that she must have great lighting in her kitchen, and a good camera, and I guess she is a good photographer as well.

I had never made a pot roast like this, or the mashed potatoes she links to.
I did today.
Another one the whole family loved.
I think I will go sneak a carrot out of the leftovers.


Kim said...

we love this has some great food..Hilary showed some crackers and bacon from her... Taylor loves to look at the pictures of all the horses.

Meghan said...

I wish I were clever enough to win one of her contests!!

Julie said...

You have found Ree! We love her. Their ranch borders the church one where we had the pioneer trek. On the way home Tim took my picture in my pioneer dress in front of pioneer woman's ranch.
Try her chicken spaghetti- very yummy!

Meghan said...

julie, it is your turn to start a blog!!!

April said...

I agree with Julie about the chicken spaghetti. My family loved it! I made her cinnamon rolls for Christmas this year and they were SOOOOOO good! (I left out the coffee. :) )

Julie said...

I know! I have been trying to come up with a fun/meaningful name. Also, our foster kids will probably be leaving the middle of this month so I am thinking that I will have more time in the next month or so.

Sorry to hijack Alisa. I have also tried her lasagna & her sandwiches. All yummy although I can only afford the lasagna every other year or so. It seemed like I spent a ton buying all the ingredients. Search her food blog and you will see pics of her kitchen. I have kitchen envy...

Also, if you check her regular blog a few months ago she had links to some articles she was writing for JC Penny's where they were remodeling their home. I enjoyed checking out the renovations and we readers got to vote on some of the stuff for her bathroom. I love her pictures. And she has great photo shop tutorials which I will be reading one day when I have photo shop.

I would love to take R to her ranch one day!

Rebecca said...

I went to the site today...and I went to the store and bought the stuff for the was very yummy!! I loved the site...I am going to go search it for pics of her kitchen now...I love seeing other people's houses...I guess that is why I love Better Home and Gardens magazine!!!
Man--I can't afford to get hooked on any more blogs! We still have dial-up...and it is killing me!! But I just don't want to pay for high-speed. But Lon is asking me every day...How much is high speed?? I may have to look into it!!