Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

my nephew Alex, Nan, my niece Julia

Today is my Mom's birthday..
Most of my family is home sick, so Savanna and I ran over to give her the gift from the family...and to wish her a happy day. We all went in together to give her a year membership to the OKC Museum of Art. Pretty appropriate gift for such a talented artist, don't you think?
(It was so different going over there with just 1 child, and an older 1 at that. I was able to sit and visit without having to keep checking up on kids!)
I love my mom.
I am grateful that I have gotten to live close to her for the last 4 years, and that my kids have gotten to know their Nan.
I think she is so talented...and she does not give herself credit for her abilities.
I think she is beautiful.
I am proud of how far she has come.
I know she can do great things.
I love how she reads stories to the kids.
I love how she makes up stories, and her imagination.
I love how she gives personality to inanimate objects.
I love her love for holidays, and decorating.
I love that she goes to the library.
I love that she goes to target, and waits for someone to tell her its time to go.
I love the funny stories that we have about her.
I love that she can laugh about them
I love that she has as difficult of time, with math , as I do.
I am thankful for my friendship with my mom.
I love that she cares for my friends, and asks about them, and wants to do things for them.
I love that my mom paints for all of her kids and grandkids.
I love that my mom thinks that anybody in her family can do anything they want to.
I love my mom.
Happy Birthday!


Jenn said...

Just have to ask, is her name "Nan" or is that what the kids call her? Cuz my mom is "Nan" to her grandkids (though her name is Becky!). And yours sounds just as special as mine.

Kim said...

I think your mom ROCKS! She is so nice to me and I appreciate her friendship..
Happy Birthday!

Alisa said...

yes, Jenn, Nan is what the grandkids call her, and I think other people call her that just from our kids saying it. My grandmother, (her mother) is Nana. When Savanna was born, we tried different names, and Nan is what ended up fitting!

Meghan said...

Your Mom is beautiful!!! That must be where you get it from. Please tell her Happy Birthday from me. (If she remembers)

Julie said...

Please tell her I said, "happy birthday!" I love your mom's generosity & sweet, kind spirit.

April said...

I am so glad that I have gotten to meet your mom and see what beautiful work she does. Happy Birthday to Nan!
Hope you see some sunshine soon!