Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St pats- recap

Just wanted to share our St. Patrick's day- I love this holiday!
I can't believe that I did not get any photos of the kids in all their green- only Tucker- and he turned out a little blue!

I did get photos of the trap that Jack and Luke set the night before with Jay- Jack had a really elaborate trap all planed out, but at the last minute he and Jay opted for a much simpler scheme-The leprachan left lucky usual-

Usually we do crazy hair for st.pats- and we were even going to do it with Janelle this year-
(Janelle and I started doing this in 1998- and this year we were around in the same city to do it again) but- I had so much to do - I was leaving with the kids in the afternoon- to go to TX-I had to pack, get the oil changed, run to the bank and library, I had a call in for meds for Luke and waited around to see if they would phone in a prescription or if we needed to go in-(he had been seen a few weeks ago) thankfully we were able to just go to the pharmacy and pick it up-
BUT- all this still took me until 2 to do, and get on the road-
so no crazy hair-
I hope to do a redo with Janelle and Savanna soon!


Meghan said...

The Leprechan trap was soo cute. Mostly I loved the "bait"!

Rebecca said...

I thought of you on St. Patrick's Day...and wondered if you were doing your crazy hair. That is one of my first memories of you...remember, we were doing the play and I think we had dress rehearsal that day and you came with those little tiny buns all over your whole head. I don't think I'd ever be that brave!!
What are you doing in Texas?? Visiting a friend? My parents are in Houston right now with my brother.
Hope you have a wonderful trip.