Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday-2008 Adventure

4 days post-op
I enjoyed going to IKEA- I wish I had seen Meghans comment about the 3 tiered plate before I had left- I would have looked for it. It was a bit much for all the kids- I had to bypass all the really cool looking galvanized buckets and outdoor things at the end to avoid complete family meltdown! (including myself!)
I bought 5 things-
12 juice glasses
plastic bag keeper
large blue bag
felt pads
wooden push toy for Tucker
I know, a very unusual list of things. I knew we wanted the juice glasses- Jay and I had bought some on a trip to Ikea in San Fransisco about 6 years ago. Loved them, used them, broke them. Then we got some more 2 1/2 years ago in Dallas. Loved them used them, and once again, broke them. I think we have about 4 left.
And the other things were just odd things that caught my eye.
The large blue bag came in handy to carry all the beach towels and odds & ends,
I had really wanted to look for some sort of thing for our upstairs bathroom to hold all the stuff that goes with sharing a bathroom with the kids. But I think that I will just have to shop online for that!

Then off to Newport beach-
This was the first day for Luke to be outside and really run around and play-
Once again, I was amazed at how close it was- Hardly anytime in the car and we found ourselves at the coast. Finding a place to park on a Saturday took longer than the drive to get there. After 2 drives around the beach parking area, we left to go find a meter and poor Luke- he thought we were leaving for good. The tears and the sadness- could hardly be consoled. He was convinced that we were just going to leave. Then every time we passed another "open spot" (driveway- or a no parking spot) he would wail- Finally, we found a spot, loaded up the stroller and headed down to the beach. We were kind of up on a dune, and Luke liked to be a"surfer over the edge. Jay, Savanna, and Jack had a great time playing out in the waves,
and it got a little difficult to keep Luke up and out of the water.
He would play in it for a while, and then would keep going out farther and then a little farther, until I would call him back up. I am sure people thought "hey lady, if you don;t want your kid wet, don't bring him to the ocean.!"(Later that night, Jay said after he lifted Savanna up out of the water she asked him when was the last time he had held his daughter ... )
Tucker really did not feel good this day- and he just was not very excited about the sand. So he and I snuggled alot in the sling.

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Meghan said...

I bought little juice glasses there. I only bought 6 and 2 are casualties of the tile floor. I need more. Must go to Ikea.