Monday, September 22, 2008

A new week

Maybe it was when I saw my son doing the Macarana yesterday during the reverence song at church, that I thought, "I am glad tomorrow is Monday. I am glad to start a new week."

Last week had its struggles.

I was offended.
[I] offended.
I struggled to bite my tongue.
I was disappointed in others.
[I] disappointed.
My to do list grew faster than I could cross things off.
My children had a mix of their own ups and downs.
I was antsy.

I kept having "self-talks" in my head; Mini pow wows with myself.
These are just a few of the main thoughts of these important meetings:
• My success as a parent does not depend on how happy my children are
• Don't let what you can't do keep you from doing what you can
• Don't choose to be offended
• Pick your battles
• Don't complain unless you are willing to speak up so others can hear what you have to say

So I went to bed last night with the hope of a new week. Ready to face what comes. Smiling I let myself sink into the pillow and fell asleep.

Then the alarm went off this morning. Not so happy to be facing a new week. I would much rather stay asleep. ;)

Who else is ready/not ready for a new week?
To start fresh?
A clean slate?
Who else struggles with getting up to an alarm and would much rather sleep in?


Veronica said...

Alarm? Lauren always seems to wake up 10 minutes before mine goes off! I am excited to start a new week, just because I hope I can be better than last week.

Meghan said...

Last week we slept in late everyday. This week was going to be different. Both Jon and I set our alarms for six, but they are off by just a few minutes so between 6 and 6:45 we stayed in bed turing off one of two alarm clocks every 4 minutes and wondering how this was any better than just getting up and facing the day. I hope you have a surprisingly wonderful week.

Jenn said...

I was crying in my closet Saturday due to those sometimes-believable-and-paralyzing-lies of the enemy. So yes, I want a better week! :) Hope you have one to!

Tara said...

I never saw him doing the macarena, if it makes you feel better. It is kinda funny, though. Have a good week, and thanks for the budgeting help! I feel totally motivated now. =)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

i LOVE the positive list you made. I too offended and was offended. I apologized and then wrote a note apologizing more and then everything was fine. I think because I did that--and also didn't show that I was offended--I was able to give comfort to someone who was so offended that for just a nano-second she wanted to leave the church. She is still hurt but is dealing with it. Life is hard, isn't it?