Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today was the day that Savanna and Jack both learned to ride bikes within minutes of each other!
Those of you who are close to us, know what a big deal this is.
And those that are not so close- well this pic sums up how Savanna felt last year at this time about riding a bike.
That was taken during an evening of trying to convince the kids how much fun it would be to ride a bike. (this has been going on for years!)
Now look at her!
So happy!

And look at him!
So determined!

Last week Jack told Jay that he wanted to learn to ride is bike- and Savanna jumped in too.
They took the pedals off (at the wonderful suggestion from a friend!) and the kids just practiced since last week. Lots of hills, back and forth, up and down the street, into driveways, out of driveways. Every day when the kids would get in the car, they asked if they could get the bikes out as soon as we got home.
So everyday, we have. I sat outside and watched. But they did all the work.
Then today the pedals went back on, and off they went!
We knew you could do it- So glad that you put your minds to it!
We are going to have so much fun!

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Layne Bushell said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a great accomplishment Jack and Savanna. Riding a bike is so much fun. You'll be so happy to ride your bike. Yeah! I wish we could be there to hear you cheer. We would be sitting on the sidewalk cheering for you!

For those who haven't yet mastered this feat another great way to learn in addition to removing the pedals is to have them learn to ride a scooter first. Once they can balance and ride a scooter, they have much easier time getting the feel for balancing on a bike. Also, the smaller the bike, the easier it is to learn to ride (lower center of gravity!)