Monday, October 6, 2008

conference thoughts

This weekend was conference. I have mentally been preparing for it so that I would be in the right frame of mind. That I would be able to let go mentally of things around me that were undone, and be able to feast upon the words. To have us all be together as a family and listen and enjoy it. I felt like I had pretty good expectations and had made peace with how things were with our family for last conference. And all the preparations were worth it. It was a wonderful weekend. The talks were very specific to my needs, more than once. We were able to stream the video live (over the internet-then watched through the TV) for most of Saturday's session and then we just listened to the audio on Sunday.
Tonight for our Family Night we talked about what each person remembered from the conference.
I was amazed at what everyone came away from the weekend with.

Jack- The story about the table and how the man cut it in half and shared it with other people.

Savanna- President Uchtdorf's talk about the train station and his mother could not find them and how worried she was. And- the talk about how once your willing to try, you can. Its easier because its something you want . (It reminded her about learning to ride a bike.)

Luke- President Uchtdorf said the word agency on Saturday

Me- Elder Bednar spoke about morning prayer being the spiritual creation of our day-
President Uchtdorf's talk on creating-
and the talk on being unified and enjoying the journey now.

Jay- Elder Bednar's talk also
and President Uchtdorf's talk- stand close together and lift where you stand.

After we all talked about what we remembered, we set a family goal of something that we took from the conference to work on for the next 6 months. Then each one of us set a personal goal.

I am truly grateful for our children. The goals they came up with on their own were sincere and thoughtful and beyond their years. I am thankful for their example. I am thankful that they help Jay and I keep our heads on straight.
(so funny that they can do that, and also make us think we are losing our minds!)

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April said...

I am really enjoying reading everyones thoughts on conference. Since I didn't take notes, it helps me to remember.
I'm glad you had a nice weekend.