Tuesday, November 18, 2008

craft project detour

Monday was the day I thought Luke and I would take the leaves that we got here and make these.
Luke had just said that he wanted to do a craft- So I grabbed the leaves, and we went over to the computer to show him the idea on the blog. As I scrolled down he said wait (sound of things coming to an abrupt and immediate halt) ... I want to make that. There is no changing Luke's mind once he decides on something so I went with it. The leaves are dried. I can still use them for my own project sometime.
So off Luke went to gather the materials for this project. He came back in with the candy and then said, "now I need onion paper."
Onion paper?
Oh yes, the bag that onions come in. It looks just the same as tulle don't you think?
I told him I thought we had something else that might work instead of onion paper.
And we did.

He said we must make 4. That way he could hide one under Jack, Savanna and Tuckers pillows.


Brooke said...

Do you have a craft room???

Kim Sue said...

good for him for having his own creative ideas. ove the onion paper. I bet there is a craft project just waiting to be made with some onion paper.