Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Blessing a day 2-2008

I am thankful for the goodness and generosity of others.

I was laying with Luke tonight listening to him read. After he finished I told him he could have a few more minutes before it was lights out. He grabbed a book off his shelf that he loves to read over and over again. Its the book of notes and pictures and stickers and cards from his surgery. I was reminded of the love and generosity shown to Luke, and to our whole family.

It has been an eventful year. And I am sure everyone can say that about their own life. That is what makes all the service to us more special. I know that people have had to sacrifice to do things for us. I know that people would say, "Oh but I am so glad to do it!" But I know, that most often, doing things for someone else means sacrificing a bit of yourself, or of your family.

There have been so many instances of love and generosity and service and whatever else you want to call it:

  • Like someone offering to bring me dinner before I even knew I needed it.
  • All the get well gifts sent for Luke. I would pull one out whenever it was time to clean him up, or give him medicine, or when I needed him to calm down. And you know what? As soon as I was finished with the last dose of medicine, and we no longer needed to clean his nose out at night, I ran out of the get well gifts.
  • The times our lawn was mowed this summer.
  • The babysitting.
  • The welcome home signs.
  • The phone calls offering to help.
  • The smile.
  • The basket-o-fun for our road trip to CA.
  • The rides for my kids to their activities at church.
  • The grocery store runs.
  • Watching my children when it is very inconvenient.
  • The package in the mail.
  • The comments on my blog.
  • Service when my Nana passed away.
  • Service when Jay's Grandmother passed away.
  • The sincere well timed compliment that made a difference in my day.
  • The listening ear. Sitting and listening to me as I try and organize my thoughts.
I could go on and on. I worry if I am leaving a certain instance out. There are too many to write. Just as I wrote that I thought of three more things and had to go back and add them in!

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Kaleen said...

Hi Alisa - people do these things for you because you have done ALL these things for others. I think about you all the time and all the wonderful things you have done for me. Im glad others are helping you now. Miss you! I need your phone number I would love to chat mine is 801-722-4743.