Tuesday, November 4, 2008


garden stones
stones throw
landscape stones
natural stones
sticks and stones
kidney stones
the rolling stones
Mr. Stone
gem stones
stone cold
stone washed
Of these stones, which do you think we have been dealing with since Monday morning around
1 A.M.?


Kim Sue said...

oh, YUCK! hope things are better.

hillary smith said...

Bless Jays poor peek-ed little heart. Double yuck. He is sweet to smile for the camera while in his hospital gown/bed. Good luck with those pesky stones.

Meghan said...

My Dad has dealt with these many times and I know they can be soooo painful. Tell Jay we wish him a speedy recovery.

April said...

I passed one 3 years ago and have approx 3 more waiting in the wings. It is awful! Tell Jay I'm hoping he gets through it quickly!