Sunday, December 7, 2008

blessing a day 24,25, 26

Sunday- I am thankful to have sat with my family in church today. That we all sat shoulder to shoulder, the 2 littles clamoring over sitting in dad's lap, and Jack insisting on sitting on the other side. I am thankful for Sister Tea sitting behind me handing me an extra Hymn book- and I loved being able to follow the alto part through her voice. I am thankful that the cute girl playing the organ played it fast so we could sing Hymns fast and not s-l-o-w. Some Christmas songs need some pep to them!

Saturday- I am oh so thankful that my mom asked to take the kids on Saturday afternoon- that stretched into the evening- that stretched into the night! It was amazing how different it felt to be at my own home alone- without anyone else in it. Nobody was sleeping. Just me in the house. I could be as loud as I wanted as I hurried around getting things done. Then running to both malls alone- and to Pier 1, and then to Walmart- again ALL ALONE! Then meeting Jay for a very late late dinner. And then him picking up the kids and taking them home and putting them to bed so I could make one more trip to Target, and over to my mom's ALONE to drop something off to her. I don't know the last time I went to visit my mom ALONE!
(I know for certain I will miss these days of busyness and always having a companion (child) with me- but everyone needs a break now and then! And I can sure appreciate it!)

Friday- I am thankful to have had a fun pizza dinner with another family. (I looked forward to somebody else taking care of dinner all day!) That I have made friends with another family through blogging and our husbands employment.

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