Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SPT-December 2 love

tuesday, december 2 love
tuesday, december 9 joy
tuesday, december 16 comfort
tuesday, december 23 joy
tuesday, december 30 hope

This was last weeks-
tuesday, december 2 love

I totally love Pandora music and being able to select the playlist James Taylor Holiday. It fits my mood, my pace, keeps me moving, but calm. Helps me carry the wonderful spirit of Christmas as I go about getting all the necessary things done, then move on to the more fun things of this season! I have music playing all the time, but this is my favorite time of the year for music.
Jay was teasing me the other day as we got in the car he joked "Hey is this coldplay?-oh wait, I forgot. We can't play anything else but Christmas music."
I LOVE it!

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Jay Spear said...

Just like grade school kids, I tease you a lot because I secretly have a crush on you!