Friday, December 12, 2008

What to eat Wednesday

The official What to eat Wednesday will be back in 2009-
I will keep posting the next couple of weeks the wonderful things that were brought to us in November.

Thanks to all the comments I get "outside" of this blog- Very funny that I get more people commenting on the What to eat's when I see them in person than a comment on the blog.

So I thought I would answer a few questions that I have received in person, or have been asked to Jay.

"Why do you do What to eat Wednesday," and "why do you take photos of your food?"
I like to have my favorite things to eat documented. Sounds silly, but when I am away from home, and want to make a meal I have access to my recipes.
I also like to share a great recipe, and really enjoy photos when I am making something new. So I decided that I would start taking photos of my ingredients and the final product. Then I saw Pioneer Woman. And I almost stopped doing it. My stuff is nowhere near as good as hers. I suddenly started feeling embarrassed about something I was doing to document my own life. (I wrote about it somewhere on this blog but can't find it.) Then I got over it.
My camera and I are still getting acquainted so I have not been taking as many food photos as of late. That combined with the hectic life we had in November, along with the normal hectic things of December I have not had the time to take photos of our food. But I still like doing it. A little friend was over for one of the kids and asked what I was doing with my camera and the food. And one of our kids said, "oh my mom likes to take pictures of what we eat." And I do! I like to document our life, and food is a big part of it!

"Do you eat like that only on Wednesday's or does your wife cook all the time?"
We eat every day. Some days are leftovers. Some days are grilled cheese sandwiches. Some days its soup.
Sometimes its breakfast for dinner. I would say I cook a dinner meal about 4 times a week, and breakfast 4 times also. Jay do you think that's accurate? Also I can't post a new recipe every day of the week. I picked Wednesday to be the day- and it has stuck.

"Have you always known how to cook?"
NO! It has been a process over the last 13 1/2 years. There are things I have no idea how to do. There are things that I used to consider difficult that now I don't think are too hard. There are things I would love to learn to make! I love to have other people teach me how to make food, and give me hands on help. I love to see the way others do the same things that I do and glean from them.

So any other things you are wondering about What to eat Wednesday? Any requests for 2009?


Janelle said...

Just so people can appreciate how far you have come I think you should tell the story of your first trip to the grocery store after you got married and what you and jay would have for dinner your first year of your marriage. I know I think of it when I get frustrated about cooking.
Thanks for all the good food!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs, Alisa and just wish I had the time and energy to do all the things you do. You and Jay are very lucky to have a partner that allows you to grow in all the things you enjoy and still grow together as a couple and a family.


Jennifer Lavender said...

I love seeing your What to Eat posts. Someday I may even get brave enough to venture outside my spaghetti or instant mashed potatoes and sauce comfort zone and try some of the things you've posted. Also, I think I would have to request some What to Eat posts about side dishes. I'm tired of casserole type meals where we just throw everything together because we can't think of anything to go on the side.