Monday, February 23, 2009

Disney Surprise

Savanna got a huge surprise the day after Christmas.

Let me start off by saying I have a hard time keeping surprises. It was so hard to not let this one slip. We were so excited for Savanna, we wanted to talk about it all the time. But we waited until the day after Christmas. Savannas friend Jenna had to find out about it first!!
Christmas morning Jenna woke up and found this waiting for her.

So the day after Christmas Jenna and her Mom & Dad came over. I told Savanna I wanted to show her something really funny. Jenna's parents had sent me an email with a link- I pulled it up on the computer and clicked play. It was a short video of Disneyworld with Savanna's name all over it. Every marque, menu item, sign, and shirt had her name on it. I have no photos of the event but we caught it on video and this is what you see & hear-

Disbelieving looks from Savanna lots of laughs from the adults-
and then she starts saying "Why?"- "What is this?" More watching her name appear all over the place and laughs from all the adults.

"Who is that for?"
"Its for you."
Laughing-still not sure what is going on-

"That would be so awesome."
Tucker is laughing at the mouse-

"Who is that really for though?"
Jenna hands her an envelope-

and Lori (Jenna's Mom) says that Jenna had one too.
As Savanna is opening the envelope she says -"That would be so cool, that would be really cool." Then she reads what is inside.

She yells "oh my goodness" followed by screams and hugs and jumping up and down!
Jenna announces "transportation is provided by" ... then hands her an envelope with plane tickets.

and a lanyard
and then I give her more pins for trading.

Then Lori gives writing pens for the boys and there is more screaming.

We have spent the last 2 months counting Tuesdays with Jenna and Savanna for the countdown to spring break. Every day at lunch Jenna passes Savanna a little note with some sort of trivia on it about Disneyworld and how many more days, or how many more Tuesdays until they leave!
Seriously. Can you imagine going on such a fun trip? Our family went for 1 day to Disneyland. ONE day. And we were blown away. So much so that I still have not written about it. It is too overwhelming for me to put it down into words. Savanna is going to Disneyworld for days on end. And she is going with her best friend! Who knows the place like the back of her hand! (as well as do her parents!)
We are so excited for them to go- and can't wait to hear of the adventure!!!
Here are a few more links about the excitement of this trip-

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All this Disney talk is getting me ready to write about our Disney day- I promise to try and do it without crying.


Kristie said...

Is it wrong of me to be jealous of 12 year olds???

vgsmom said...

Tuesday will be only 3 more Tuesdays!! I can't believe it is almost here!! I'm so glad you shared about that surprise day.

Lene said... fun for her!