Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sing for Joy

Last month Savanna got to participate in two choirs- she practiced, practiced and practied- then was able to enjoy the performances.

The first was Circle the state
She spent a saturday morning with other students from the area practicing for a performance that afternoon.

The second was state choir-I got to travel to with Savanna to Tulsa for a Wednesday Thursday and Friday-
State was right after our big Ice storm- school had been canceled on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday and we were concerned about not being able to make it up to Tulsa, but the turnpike was fine for traveling and we made it!
We all met at the school to load up- and have a prayer before traveling.
(have I said how grateful I am that our kids are at this school?)

There were many mixups of the rooms- I think one mom changed 3 or 4 times-

While the moms figured out the room arrangements, the kids started practicing.

It was a full day of practice- they practiced until 8 that night (with a break for dinner)

Every year its tradition to go eat at the same place and eat in the train car-

The kids inhaled their dinner so they would not be late for the next practice- (oops they were late anyway!)

Savanna with her friend and roomate Emily- they were the two 6th grade girls on the trip

After the evening practice the girls begged to go swimming- against my better judgment I went with them to the pool- it was packed- the kids looked like guppies in a fishbowl!

Thursday was a full day of practice again- by the night the kids were tired! They put their all into the practices- I was in and out through out the days rehersals and sat in during some of the evening one. I was so impressed with the director and what she was teaching these kids. I felt so excited to hear them practice, and to hear what the kids were learning.
The director talked about her love of music- she said she could not think of a more joyful word than "sing"- that she felt the most alive when she was singing, that she could feel herself come alive, that she could feel it in her blood, that it gave her a joyous spirit. She told the choir that they would never forget this experience of singing in the state choir.
She taught so visually to the kids what they would need to sing for someone else to hear.
She talked of 4th of july fireworks, and hand bells, and the way a painter paints across a canvas. She explained that they needed to use their instrument- their voice- to portray those visual things.
I was inpsired! ( it made me want to join the choir and sing too!)
Friday morning was the concert- Savanna was so excited to finally perform, and she was equally excited to soon see her dad and brothers!

The perfromance was amazing to hear- I had only listened to them practice from behind- such a difference sitting in front of them as they sang. They had been practicing this music for a while and then all day for the last two days- the work payed off. They were beautiful.

Savanna had to wait to see all the boys. I got to see them first- we all missed each other- this was the longest I have ever been away from Tucker!

When Savanna was all finished- she ran down to see her brothers and Dad! Lots of hugs and squeezes!
One last pose for a group shot- It was a great experience to travel to Tulsa and for Savanna to get to be a part of this state choir-

A big thank-you to Mrs. Adams for her hard work and instruction. Savanna has learned much from being in choir in school. I am so thankful that music is still a part of her classes!

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Kim Sue said...

what a terrific experience and memories for Savanna...don't we all need people in our lives who inspire?