Monday, February 16, 2009

this family

Last Monday night it was Jay's turn to pick the family activity. He chose to go on a walk. It seemed to take forever to get everyone ready to just walk out the door. It had been warm that day, but was cooling off quickly by this point. So we needed pants and shoes and coats
It was a walk around the neighborhood with everyone setting their own pace.

At one point I looked down the street and could barely make out Luke's moving image
He ran back and wanted to see the photos on the camera. He was disappointed that he was not in any of them. I explained he actually had to be within view to get a photo!

It is always so funny to see the photos after we take them- all too often they are just a blur of color- life is moving too fast to really capture it on film. But I click them in my mind.

Glad to be with this family. At the end of everyday. Glad I am home with them. Even on the very trying days that make me wonder what on earth we are doing. I am glad to be with them.


vgsmom said...
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vgsmom said...

I love that you have had time to post about your family, they all seem so great. Hoping to get to know them better Saturday evening.