Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lelly's challenge for the month of march ...


I did not think I would find one. That I could take my own photo of. With a part of me in it. But lucky me I found something.
I keep all my stitching stuff in the car for when I am waiting- and believe me I spend a lot of time in the car waiting. Today after a trip to the zoo (along with the rest of OKC- we saw more people than animals) we stopped by Jay's work to refill on water and for the boys to see Dad. Tucker fell asleep so I just waited in the car. I grabbed my stitchery bag and pulled out my current project. And there was an 8!
Hooray for 8's!

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jenn said...

love the pic!

Chris said...


Date Girl said...

Good thinking! I bet I have a few 8s lying around in my car for next week's SPT. :-)

Kim Sue said...

cute...so now I want to see what little project you are working on!