Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Night - 4-06-09 recap

Family Night- a time set aside

Song- Jack- Nephi's Courage

Prayer- Tucker helped by Savanna

Scripture-Luke- 1st Nephi 3:1-4

General Conference recap, what we each remembered- Savanna: talk about staying out of debt and not getting addicted to things, Luke: we are never lost if we can see the temple, Jack: the pioneer woman who buried her children and had to use a teaspoon then her hands to dig up the dirt, Mom: provident living, and provident providing, Dad: President Uchtdorf's talk about the failing light bulb
(I am always so surprised at what the kids remember, I think that they are just playing with their legos, in their tents and chatting- but they really do pick up bits and pieces)

Lesson- Mom- Scripture Easter Eggs-Events leading up to the Garden and the Cross and the empty Tomb

Activity- Savanna- Draw pictures of our dessert!

Treat- Dad- Ice cream

We started off a little grumpy tonight.

But it ended better than it started. There was only crying or moaning or arguing for half of our evening.


your mom said...

Such a cute picture of Tucker. Would like to have seen more. He is so cute.

vgsmom said...

I think your kids are really going to treasure these memories. Someday tell me what a general conference is.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man. What a great idea to take a picture of FHE. I wish I had thought to do that why the kids were growing.

FHE is such an effort, but produces such a miracle. Good for you for making miracles.

shara said...

such sweet faces- even when a lil' on the grumpy side! love your family!!

and i liked the "your never lost when you can see the temple" story as well.

you can check out our General Conference experience(s) here: