Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

Very long post- lots of photos- I guess you could call this a Grandparent post- something that family would want to see, but maybe not others...

*crazy maniac shopping for shoes for everyday wear not just for Easter Sunday-(but finding sunday shoes would have been nice too)

*easter egg run- (you know, kind of like the land run, except you grab eggs instead of land-and it seems to be just as competitive)

kids with their registration bracelets for the "egg run"

* helicopter dropping eggs from the sky and how wind whipped we were and how Tucker was so afraid.

*How some of our kids did not get any eggs because there were just so many kids and their parents (it probably did not help that most kids are more aggressive than ours)

*How Tucker describes the helicopter and the eggs

*A great friend dropping off a darling gift for one of the kids baskets- just in the nick of time!

*Saturday last minute fast shopping for things for the baskets (it was the only alone moment that I had to do it!)

*Pizza dinner with friends and getting home late

*staying up with the kids to make easter cookies

*staying up later to find pants, shirts, skirts from neglected laundry piles and ironing them

*staying up way later and preparing surprises for after church then having fun creative time after all the work was done

*creating things while listening to the house shaking thunder

*going to bed just as Jay was getting up to finish preparing for his speaking assignment

*waking up and enjoying our morning all together as a family

*opening the oven to find the Easter cookies

*breakfast by candlelight

See the Easter cookies on the plates?
(I was surprised with all the storms and humidity that they turned out so well and did not fall- they really did turn out hollow!)

*not worrying about taking any photos before church

*attending church with Jay to the Ward that he was speaking in and how totally quiet it was-(it was a student ward- no other kids there but ours) and having church in the cafeteria

*thoroughly enjoying watching Tucker sit up on the stand with Jay and only having to manage Luke sitting next to me (Savanna and Jack sitting just fine as usual)

*hearing Tucker sweetly say Amen, then again in a growling voice

*listening to a wonderful talk about what we give our time to, and relating it to Easter-and Christ and his Atonement

*getting to hear Jay's testimony about Resurrection and the assurance that we will all live together after this earthly life

*coming home and checking to see if the Easter bunny had been here
(Our first year to do this - I love, love love, having the Easter bunny come after church! So thankful someone shared this tradition with me!)

*circling the block one more time- silly us, left the doors locked, so we had to unlock the back door and leave a carrot for the bunny

*Luke running in to check and yelling that yes indeed the bunny had been to our house

*Luke finding half eaten carrots by the back door

*Everyone being excited about their baskets

*Tucker getting so excited to see what all this was about- and running around the room to check out what was in everyone's basket

*Tucker getting one piece of candy in each egg- he loved the jelly beans!

*long naps for the youngest and oldest kids

*Jack realizing that he had "Peanut Butter Jelly and a Baseball bat"- (Reeses egg, jelly beans, and the bat)
*candlelight dinner

*followed by me dropping the camera in the sink

* followed by a fire during candlight dinner from a linen napkin being discarded onto a candle-

*Jay fixes camera so I can take photos of Luke sneaking into photos of me and my mom

*photos of me and my mom with my arm trying to keep Luke out of the photo

*end of the day snuggles with the youngest one and a long sleep


Kristie said...

It was so sweet, and touching, and warm ... and then I was cracking up at the end with the camera and the fire and your kid in the picture --- ha!

vgsmom said...

I loved it and I'm not a grandparent. I love how you go the whole nine yards for whatever you do. The makeup was a big it at my house.

Lene said...

I love it.

That is such a great idea to save the baskets until after church. If we ever change block times I am going to try to remember that. We have been stuck with 2pm for a couple of years now.

Reg said...

Thanks for sharing. It is fun to see other families traditions. My boys get their baskets on Saturday.

Meghan said...

What a good looking family!!