Thursday, April 16, 2009

remember this for later

Remember how helpful the kids were tonight. Remember how they did not argue when you asked them to stay upstairs while you had a meeting downstairs, and Jay was not here to help.

Remember that when you dropped the kids off to school Luke ran in with both shoes untied. That you parked the car to run inside to pick something up from Jack's teacher, you ran on down to Lukes class to tie his shoes. When you got to him you saw they were already tied, thinking that the teacher did it you asked him who did it. He said Savanna. When you asked Savanna later she said she went and put her viola in the classroom and then went down to his class to tie them.

Remember that while you were getting Tucker dressed for bed you sent Luke to the shower and he asked for help, and before you could say anything Jack jumped up and said I will do it.

Remember how when tucking Luke in for bed you talked about all the good and bad of the day. And his best and worst things were about his centers at school. And how when he asked about your worst thing, you said you were so tired and that you just wanted to go to bed. And how he asked why you did not just go to bed. And how when you said you still had to put the sheets on he said "I'll do it."

Remember this ... for all the other normal nights.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a sweet, sweet post. Do remember. Do remember.

shara said...

How wonderful. you inspire me. I will think on some of my own "remember this..." lists.

vgsmom said...

That was great! Every once in a while your hard work pays off, all the talks seem to click, all the love flows.

Lene said...

I love days like this. They can carry me for a very long time through the 'other' days.

Urban Tangerine said...

You're absolutely right. Thank you.