Sunday, April 26, 2009

so much fun

Kristie wrote about our PW experience at "the Lodge" here.
Smitten Kitchen wrote about it here.
If you can't tell by the photos- I was smiling ear to ear the whole time, or laughing. And the perma grin hasn't stopped.
I will write about it myself, I just have to find the words.


were greeted by these,

and escorted out by these.

More tomorrow- I am full and tired.
And happy.

For a preview of what we did, where we were, and who we were with-
go here, here, and here.


Meghan said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? When I saw her inviting people to the ranch I REALLY wished I still lived in OK! I love the picture of you laughing! I can't wait to hear 'your side of the story'

Meghan said...

Oh, I just read the part about your perfect nails. Way to go!

Kristie said...

It was an AWESOME day!!! I am still on a little bit of a high, just remembering it. Thanks so much for going with me!! Sorry we almost wound up in Tulsa at the end of the day, ha!

Donna Ryan said...

Would you believe that I actually went to your blog this morning to check out your day yesterday? I told April what you were doing and she freaked out! Of course, I had never been to The Pioneer Woman's blog until this morning, so I had no clue. Fun to see you on there. Looks like you had almost as much fun as when you come visit us in TX!! Can't wait to hear about your fun day.

Tara said...

How'd you get to do that? I never even knew she was doing that! Oh, I'm jealous too... and your picture is on her blog!

Jenn said...

not fair, not fair, not fair

Lene said...

Did the pretzels taste as good as they looked?

Starwoodgal said...

I wondered over from Kristie's BLOG. I enjoyed reading about your 'Day On the Ranch'. I visited the ranch last month for the demo with Bakerella so I knew y'all were in for a real treat. Here's a link back to my story of our day at the ranch last month:

And, Man! I wanted one of those pretzels or the bagles y'all made. I'll have to give that a try soon.

God Bless!

design gal said...

i'm so jealous! i think i found your blog from pioneer womans blog! then i noticed you're LDS and I had to say hi!