Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SPT- gift a friend

for tuesday, april 7: gift a family member
for tuesday, april 14: gift a friend
for tuesday, april 21: gift a neighbor, teacher, co-worker
for tuesday, april 28: gift a total stranger

Don't let what we can't do keep us from doing what we can-

I have been thinking this for some time now. Too often I let what I don't have, or what I am not capable of doing keep me from doing what I can. I think of all the things I want to do for others, or that I should be doing and can't, instead of recognizing what I am already doing, and can do.

thinking today about gifts-what I can give

So it goes right along with this weeks SP-
I love doing things for others, I love helping my friends. I love to make things for them. I love to surprise them. But often, I think of all the things I would like to do and am not doing- and what is keeping me from doing them, time, money, kids etc. I don't stop and recognize what I am already doing.
I pushed myself to think of what gifts I give all the time. I thought of gifts of smiles, of friendship, of a listening ear. Of course I found many more instances of what others give to me than what I give.
But the ones I did think of put a smile on my face. They helped me recognize gifts for what they are.

The definition of gift-"A gift or a present is the transfer of something, without the need for compensation that is involved in trade. A gift is a voluntary act which does not require anything in return. Even though it involves possibly a social expectation of reciprocity, or a return in the form of prestige or power, a gift is meant to be free.
By extension the term gift can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favour, including forgiveness and kindness."

I was able to give a tangible gift- something that we had just sitting around that a friend could use. Love being able to share things that we are not using with someone who will use it. Its the ultimate way of "going green"- reduce, reuse, recycle, or my favorite- use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.

Thanks Lelly- you always make me think!
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vgsmom said...

So often your posts make me really stop and think. I count you as a gift for this year of my life.

Ann On and On... said...

I am with you...thanks for opening my eyes to the gifts that I can give not always the ones I wish I could give. Money shouldn't and do not always matter... very nice post.

Jeanette said...

Love this! I always tend to make things too complicated. Thanks for reminding me that it's the simple things that often count the most.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

And....you give the gift of reaching out and making people feel important...like contacting me to see if you could come see me at the airport. You truly give a gift of friendship, Alisa. Thank you.

jenn said...

thanks for making me stop and think about things in a different light!

Courtney said...

I love that quote at the end of your post...it is great! I use it on my kids all the time, they really groan when I begin it! I am a firm believer that someone else's trash is another's treasure!