Monday, May 11, 2009

FHE- 5-11-09 recap

Family Night- a time set aside

Song- Choose the Right

Prayer- Luke

Scripture-Mom- Matthew 16:25 

Lesson- Savanna- Trying our best & keeping the commandments

Activity-Dad- Hide the treasure (item "bracelet" hidden in plain site, everyone tries to find it and has to stay sitting down. Everyone raises their hand as soon as they see it)

(mom hid it best when she wore it)

Treat: Jack- rootbeer floats


Meghan said...

These recaps are fun. Do you always have FHE around the kitchen table?

Alisa said...

Most of the time we do. We eat dinner together and then go from there. Sometimes we move to the family or living room, but most of the time we just stay put. Its good that way, everyone is already sitting and while some of the kids are still little it gives them a "spot" to stay in. We do the same for our morning devotional. Everyone has a spot and can't really be roaming around.