Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Lelly's self-portrait challenge for the month of June:

"your challenge for june is to find your way back. no matter what's been keeping you from blogging, each week you are going to find one small hurdle to overcome. one item to cross off of your to-do list. one pile to declutter. one meal to prepare. one (or ten) pounds to lose.

one thing each week that will bring you to your blog. too vague? don't worry. i have parameters!!

tuesday, june 9 meal-planning/preparations or other organized family time

tuesday, june 16 bringing the indoors outdoors for summer

tuesday, june 23 tackle a very unpleasant cleaning task

tuesday, june 30 i feel better already!"

Well I can't say I actually tackled this one.
Cleaning up the garage- I did move a few things around. I moved clutter. I put things in a pile to take up to the attic. I made a pile of stuff for the back of the car. That was it. Too hot. So I stopped. And what I should have done was come in and organize and clean up the studio since its nice and cool inside the house. But no. I took the kids swimming. Back outside. The place I was trying to avoid-that was too hot.

I was surprised to see that Lelly is taking a break from her blog for a bit- I am not sure if she is meaning it as a long term hiatus- or short term. I will miss her SPT challenges. I have enjoyed doing them for a year and a half. It has put me in the pictures.
I read somewhere where someone was making a point that a self portrait didn't really need to be about self- and they were kind of going in the direction of being selfish. I stopped reading and moved on. That has been the whole point of these challenges. To get me in the pictures. To think about putting myself in our family's history, not just as "voice" but as a person that had a body. And not only my family's history but my own. I am living this life- and I have pictures to prove it!
So thank you Lelly! Since January 2008 I started participating in the challenges. I have appeared in our pictures more this last year and a half than the previous 13 years. I appreciate your time Lelly, in coordinating the challenges!


lelly said...

short term, i promise!

in the meantime, keep a little focus on yourSELF. enjoy it!!

Kim Sue said...

"i'm living this life - and I have pictures to prove it!" I love it!