Friday, July 17, 2009

WICKED part 1 I laughed, I cried, I made a fool out of myself

I am sure you have read enough reviews on Wicked so I will spare you my take on it. (well at least for this post!) I will just say it really was good. I was moved.

This was part of Savanna's birthday present and I wanted to have photos.
I ran out of battery on my camera so I ran out to the van to grab an extra and on the way chatted with a couple. They asked me how I liked the show and I in turn asked them their thoughts. They said they were ushers. And we continued chatting and then parted ways.
I made it back to Savanna and my sister and we posed and took photos. As I was putting the camera away a man walks up and asked how we liked the show. I gushed and said it was fabulous. Remembering the couple that I had just been with I thought I would beat this guy to the punch. I asked "So, are you an usher?"

He kind of chuckled and as he starts to speak I can see Savanna looking at me kind of odd,

"No, I am the presenter of the show."

Oops- I kind of thought you looked familiar.

He was kind enough to let me grab a photo-

I am sure he is still shaking his head about the loon asking him if he was an usher.


Kristie said...

I am going Saturday -- can't wait!!

vgsmom said...

See I thought maybe you got thrown out for singing too loud. Glad it was great.

Lene said...

Tonight is Wicked for me. I can't wait!