Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm happy now!

Ok, pitty party is over. I attended it alone-(apparently from the comments, I am alone in my feelings.)

This boy-

He has the cutest saying after he has been sad. He wipes his eyes and as he drys them he exclaims "I'm happy now!" Light just shines from his eyes, and you can't help but catch his happiness. It's contagious.

Well that is what I am thinking about now. When I tuck Tucker (isn't that funny?) into bed each night, we talk about what we can do together after school starts. I tell him "after we take the kids to school we can ..." We have chatted away about going to the zoo, the play place at the mall, pottery barn story time, library story time and playtimes, playgroup, parks, our list just keeps going. Places and things that I have not wanted to do with all 4 kids. Places that I could not go to because of pre-k and K pick ups and speech therapy the last 4 years.

There was a time in my life before school started for any of my kids. The only agenda was, "so what do you want to do today?" I get to return to that time for the next two years with this boy. The boy that I want to just eat up. The boy who will walk into the room and caution "don't eat me mom."


Kristie said...

**maybe** if I had a toddler as quite as Tucker still at home I would enjoy the playdate-playgroup-zoo-outing phase again. But since mine are older, smellier, sweatier, back-talkier, and argue a lot ... I am not so sad that the first day is rapidly approaching. :)

Kristie said...

That was supposed to be "as CUTE as Tucker" .... clearly, I cannot spell and should be in remedial school myself.

Jim Smith said...

Your photos are great. Now I know how it feels to look at my blog. Was this window lighting?

Alisa said...

Thank you Jim! Yes it was window lighting in our family room- in the evening.