Friday, September 25, 2009





A look back over this last year-
I wrote this for Tucker about 6 months ago thinking I would get back and finish.

Tucker you are now 2 1/2
You make a really great thumbs up!
You love to find gum and eat it. I had been looking for some in my purse yesterday and could not find any- this morning you were so excited and came step by step up the stairs saying "gum momma," "mouth" gum momma mouth. I asked you where you got it and you said purse. Hmmm not sure where it was hiding. Just now as I sat down to write you grabbed an add from the sunday newspaper and exclaimed gum!

You get into the fridge and get whatever food you want, string cheese strawberry's apples- and grab a stool and climb onto the counter and get whatever treat you think you deserve.

Last night at dinner you told everyone about their "own" food. Daddy's own pancake, Momma's own pancake etc.

Then I wrote this in the summer:

You had Dad really confused last week. I was on an errand and called home he said you were saying something that he just could not understand. He said it sounded an awful lot like Hail Mary- it turned out to be Watermelon.

When you say want that it sounds so much like not that- it turns into an interesting game of us not giving you what you want and then you trying to get what you want until we finally figure out that you are saying want instead of not! You would think that we would get it!

Trains and their tracks are a part of every day.
A new favorite is the bald eagle. You even made up a song repeating 'bald eagle" over and over. You say "my bald eagle is my best friend."

And now for the most recent writings:

You have a fun way of saying "what about me?" whenever you want to join in on the fun. If all the kids are headed outside, or riding bikes, or going in the car, or sneaking a treat- you think you should be doing it right along with them.

You have a thing for prayers. You think that you are the only one that should say them. And you most definitely for whatever reason do not want anyone to have a hug after ward.

The way you say your name sounds just like lo mein with an s at the end. Tucker James= Lo Meins. We started saying Lo Mein and you say "no not lo mein, it lo meins."

We still want to eat you, and you will still exclaim at random when I walk in the room, please don't eat me mom.

You love the kids principal at school, and will pretend to talk with him on the phone.

Trains are still very much a part of your everyday!
***birthday post to follow****


vgsmom said...

He's just so cute. It seems like just yesterday when you couldn't leave him to go to Camp Classen with us. Time flies. Happy Birthday, Tucker! God Bless You.

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday, Tucker!! He is so stinking cute. :)

PS. I owe you money!!

jarrleckie said...

That 3rd picture of him is SO cute!

Kim Sue said...

what a cutie!

Jay Spear said...

A favorite quote from Tuck lately is when he walks into a room and refers to us, "Hi Parents!" I love him so much!