Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here I go again ...

I have lost count ... but here we go again.
Mamma Mia!

My sisters took my mom and I to Tulsa on Saturday to see Mamma Mia! We had all gone together last year and they could not stand the thought of us not doing it together again. We now have a whole slew of jokes and one liners and silly remembrances from the day.

Janelle leaving our tickets in Norman- and the rain- and the driving to go get the tickets-
Somehow arriving in Tulsa early enough to go to the center of the universe AND go have lunch-

Janelle and I being a bit confused- we kept thinking we were seeing WICKED again- and were kind of disappointed until the music started up- then we got excited again- only to be disappointed when the leads did not meet our "standards"-

Janelles LOUD hiccup at the beginning that sent a ripple of laughter through the balcony-

Cringing whenever "donna" would sing-
Laughing at ourselves for being so picky-

Videoing ourselves being critics of the performance-
Dancing and singing at the end-

Watching the darling white haired lady on the 2nd row get her groove on-

Wonderful, delicious, conversation filled dinner that was not fast food, that did not involve any kid type of meal or sippy cup, or having to hurry out the door-

Walking and window shopping to our hearts content-
Driving home singing Wicked and trying to explain it all to Mom-

Thank you Jennifer & Janelle and Mom for the fun- filled day- I am so glad I did not miss it! I agree- we must do this once a year- no husbands, no kids- just us girls!


Kristie said...

Don't rub it in. My Mama Mia tix went in the trash, unused ..... so very sad. :(

vgsmom said...

I'm so glad you got to have an adventure with the girls. Nice to see all your smiling faces.

Lene said...

I haven't seen Momma Mia live, but the soundtrack is one of our favorites. Even my two yr old will ask for "Honey, Honey".