Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pioneer Woman in OKC

Last night "The Pioneer Woman" Ree came to Oklahoma City. She visited the Full Circle bookstore as part of her "Griswold (Drummond) Family Book Trip."

Hundreds of people waited in line to meet Ree and have her sign her new cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks."

Some arrived prior to 4 in the afternoon to wait in the yet to be formed line. Others waited until after midnight to have a chance to meet Ree and get their copy of the book signed.

Chris, an employee of the Full Circle Bookstore, said they underestimated just how many would attend the event. The store had copies of Ree's book, and were quickly sold out. They pulled 200 more extra copies that the Drummond's had brought with them.

Chris said that there were over 350 people there to see her. Fans of Ree brought their friends, and spouses; some even brought their children. Those that went were able to not only meet Ree, but they got to meet her whole family. Chris said that Ladd, Ree's husband really enjoyed being social and the whole family worked the line. Those that wanted her families autograph got their signatures too. Having her whole family along was, "A delight, no problems!" Chris said.

The earliest person to wait in line was eager enough to get there at 3:40. Stephanie Conrad has a proclaimed "celebrity crush" and anxiously waited 3 hours to be first in line. Her waiting paid off when she was the first to have Ree sign her book. After meeting Ree, Stephanie chatted it up with Ree's family. One of the boys announced he wanted to sign some books. Ladd was quick to try and explain that this was his momma's thing. But Stephanie jumped in and had the boys sign too.

One of the last to leave had been waiting over 4 hours. Jennifer Marshall was fast approaching midnight when her wait was awarded with signatures on her 4 books. She was among the last of 20 people that the Drummond family stayed to sign autographs for. Jenn said that during the wait she got to know everyone well in line and the employees of the Full Circle Bookstore were awesome to keep everyone informed of how close they were to getting to have their books signed. It was great of them to stay open so late.

If you missed the Thursday night event you can simply travel a little way to have your chance to meet Ree and get your copy of her cookbook signed. The Pioneer Woman will be in Pawhuska Sarturday night and Ponca City November 28th. If you care to drive out of state there are many other dates available. Dallas Texas, December 1st and what looks to be an amazing event in Kansas City on November 16.

For a full listing of her tour, check Ree's tour date page --> here.

I missed last nights party at the bookstore so I anxiously looked to The Oklahoman for details. I wanted to "read all about it." I wanted to see photos and read about peoples experiences. I wanted to read about what I had missed. I was happy to see Ree's photo in the paper with instructions to go to NewsOK to get the whole story. There was no story. No details. I found out more early in the day through two twitter posts than I did through the paper. I left a comment but the moderator never allowed it. *(Looks like a few details have been added to the page during the day ... still too big of an event to let it pass without more details.)

So I wrote my own story. Hope you enjoyed it.
For more- (because I know you just can't get enough!)
What the paper had to say the day before the event.
What the paper had to say about the event.
Another link I found after some digging, of Photos of the book signing.
Ree's take on the night
Stephanie Conrad's report of meeting Ree
Edited to add:
Paper's interview with Ree


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm so glad Marlbaro Man has a name! I've always wondered what it was. Fine reporting Alisa. Fine reporting.

Jim Smith said...

Did you get to see Ree on The Bonnie Hunt Show? I recorded it and Lori & I watched and thought about you & Kristie in Ree's kitchen....great fun!

Meghan said...

Thanks for the update. My dear sweet brother is going to stand in line for me in Salt Lake!!! and then bring the book to me for Christmas!

Veronica said...

Alisa- she'll be in Denver Nov 2, you can stay at my house and go!

Stefunkc said...

Nice reporting! You weren't even there and you did a better job than the paper. Hope you get to go to Dallas!

April said...

OOh!! Come to Dallas! :)

Rebecca said...

My friend and I are going to SLC on November 4th...super excited! Now I know to get there EARLY!!
Why did you miss the party? I thought FOR SURE you would have been there!