Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blessing a Day 2009- 24

I am thankful for FREE.
(picture Adam Sandler in the movie bedtime stories saying free for me)

I love a good deal. I love it even better when things are free. I had the great day of free today. Tucker and I went to the mall for story time, then for a little stroll. The See's candy was out so we each had a little sample. Then we walked around to a few other stores. Tucker's sucker kept him pretty occupied so we were able to check out a few stores before he got too antsy. Then I decided to go into a store that I never take the kids. Godiva. I went in to sign up for the free chocolate of the month card. A lady in front of us was buying a large amount of chocolate and needed to just spend a few more dollars to get $10 for free. After she bought her extra items she turned around and handed Tucker a WHOLE. BAR. OF. CHOCOLATE. She said he looked so cute, she just had to share. I wanted to tell her that it was not kids chocolate, but bit my tongue. Tucker was kind to share with me. Oh delicious! All for free.

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Kim Sue said...

been enjoying reading all about your blessings and your gratitude!