Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Oh the things I would do for a deal. Like tonight. I waited in line for 45 minutes for my kids to have the chance to build a free lego turkey. I coupon clip and will wait in line for almost anything.

But the above photo pretty much takes the cake. Two weeks ago I stood for over an hour in the rain. Remember that Wednesday down pour? Yea, that torrential rain/hurricane. I stood outside in that for chicken.

My friend Julie had let me in on a deal where I could get chickens for $5 a bird. I was thinking it was a great deal. I talked it up all week to my family and finally Jay asked me if we were getting frozen or live birds. I assured him they were frozen. (I was hoping they were frozen!)

I got to the designated pick up spot in the Bass Pro parking lot. The line was crazy long. I parked and found a spot in line. Nobody around me knew what was going on, and I laughed aloud that I sure hoped I was in the right line for chicken. Word started to trickle down that yes we were in the right line and we were to pay first, get a ticket then wait for the chickens to arrive. The truck was arriving a little late. At this moment I started to wonder how I was planning on getting my 10 chickens, plus Julies few to my car. 

I was so glad that I decided to change into pants before I left. It was starting to feel a little chilly when the rain and wind really picked up. The line was not deterred by such a gale so I stayed put too. I started to feel water running down the back of my legs. Any slight movement and the water would shift, and I felt as if my leg was a drain pipe. An icy cold drain pipe. I was soaked through.  And cold.

I finally got to the front of the line, paid and got my ticket. I bailed all the die hard deal getters and went to sit in my car. I did not care anymore if I was first, or last. I just wanted to warm up!

I took my warm car to the end of the parking lot, and just figured that once the chickens got there I would wait to the end of the line so I could just drive my car right up. How in the world was I going to carry that many chickens? Why did I have to order so many? Why did I have to order any at all?!

Soon there was a swarm of people. I rolled down my window and asked if the chickens had arrived. A lady pointed to a FedEx truck behind me. It was a chicken run! Only there were no chickens. The poor man on the FedEx truck was just parked to have a lunch break.

So I waited. You know you have waited long when you have heard a repeat of the NPR news stories for a 2nd time.

Finally the real chicken truck showed up. I waited to get my car "into position" to pick up my birds. I waited so long that I was able to have my birds delivered right to my car. 
Hooray! It was a good thing because they ranged from 5- 9 1/2 pounds!
That's a lot of chicken!

What I wouldn't do for a deal.


Jenn said...

That is some dedication, girl! At least my 4 hour wait was inside! :) Fun to see you and the kiddos yesterday!

Amy said...

You are hardcore! And you have my admiration. :)